Monday, December 19, 2016


STREET ART of arch>scul posters concept.

There are 13 posters available at the vGallery, also to the right.  A simple concept of what the images might look as seen on the street.

Photo by PEXELS

Monday, December 12, 2016

prototype No.4, 2016

Item is on view vGallery.

Transformable Movable Sculpture.  

This piece is very rough and unfinished, but it still makes for an interesting hand. The six parts can be arranged, with magnets to whatever position you desire on the metal canvas. Many different configurations are possible, so it is unique in that one fragment of art becomes many. It should not get tiresome over time. For now, it is mainly being used, as a prototype for study. More info can be found, by visiting the PAST EXHIBITION arch>scul. There is also, an additional shape added in the form of an Icosahedra representing a Guest House.
Made from an old metal cabinet originally used to store lawn and garden supplies. There may be some residue on the interior of the pieces, but it was cleaned thoroughly with a power washer. The exterior is dirty white and could easily be painted to your liking if you want although I like it plain. The shapes were cut using net, patterns. W 62" X H 18" and sits 16" from the wall. If you need further dimensions of each portion, please let me know?  It is surrounded by snowflakes in case you were wondering.

Friday, July 1, 2016

prototype No.3, 2016

The actual size is about the shape of a regular postcard 4" x 6". Made from thin sheet metal.  The colored pieces are painted and held together by small magnets.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

prototype No.2, 2016

A simpler version using just tool steel.  The actual scale would be quite large.  Around the size of a 3, story house.  The blocks again can be configured any number of ways to create new space.