Monday, March 30, 2015

prototype No.1, 2015

Shown, a crude animation of the first prototype.  The materials made of oak, cedar, steel, and aluminum.  The model is based, on the idea of the 1+1=3 or more equation.  A theory that, was first introduced to me in a book called Envisioning Information.  In this case, the or more part of the equation is the movable shapes, making what seems to be an endless number of configurations.  This idea was the real inspiration for the posters.

The concept first popped, into my head I believe sometime in 1996 when I first saw Constructivism, El Lissitzky proposed Horizontal Skyscraper 1923–1925 Wolkenb├╝gel, "cloud-irons" from the book Graphic Design: A Concise History, Second Edition (World of Art). 

An acrylic on canvas was made around the same time and wondered then if the parts moved. If you were to look at the original drawing from the architect the building is as one structure.  In this painting, they are two separate buildings.  I believe then this was my way of interpreting the possibilities for motion.

I am not sure its whereabouts, but it was one of my favorites.  Since then other paintings and drawings have been made.  Each different in their, own way.